Xbox Series X Price And Release Date Leaked


News about the Xbox Series X has been coming in at a steady clip. From its impressive specs to its broad backwards compatibility, the Xbox Series X aims to be the most comprehensive gaming console that Microsoft has ever created.

Microsoft claims that the system will be able to run games in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. There’s also the possibility of running games at 8K resolution, or at 120 frames per second, although we wouldn’t bank on both at once. The system supports ray tracing, and a 1 TB SSD will ensure rapid load times. Details of the game library are a little vaguer at present, but we’ll be able to play Halo Infinite, Hellblade 2, Outriders and more.

Read on to learn about the Xbox Series X’s release date, price, controller, games, specs and more.

Xbox Series X release date

Microsoft originally announced the Xbox Series X would launch ‘Holiday 2020’ before some Xbox product pages in a handful of regions suggested the official launch would be ‘Thanksgiving 2020’ (Thursday 26th November) – just in time for Black Friday and the Christmas shopping season. Microsoft has since retracted this information and reverted back to its original stance of ‘Holiday 2020’.

We now know that the Sony PS5 consoles (also capable of 8K gaming) will launch around the same time, so there’s a good chance we could see both consoles battling it out for festive supremacy.

Xbox Series X price

That’s the big question. So far, just with the PS5s, there’s been no official word of Xbox Series X pricing. At present we can only speculate, letting the price of current consoles guide us, or have faith in the latest Xbox Series X price rumour which suggests we could be looking at $200 for the digital edition and $400 for the flagship console.

Given the Xbox One X launched with a price tag of £450/$500 and currently costs around £350/$363, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the new flagship creep over the £500/$550 price point. After all, it’s promising to be the most powerful Xbox we’ve seens

However, Microsoft will also have the new Sony PS5 in the back of its mind. It wouldn’t want to launch Xbox Series X only to be undercut by its main rival. The PS5 is rumoured to be as much as £500/$550, so it’ll be interesting to see which console comes in at the lower price. Ultimately, we’d bet their prices on being fairly similar – although the digital-only, disc-less PS5 and rumoured disc-less ‘Xbox Lockhart’ will naturally be cheaper than the full-spec’d versions of the consoles.

Xbox Series X cheat sheet: What you need to know

  • What it is: Microsoft’s most powerful game console ever
  • Release date: Holiday 2020
  • Price: TBD
  • Key features: 4K visuals at 60 FPS, 8K and 120 fps support, ray tracing, near-instant load times
  • Key games: Halo Infinite, Hellblade II, full Xbox One backward compatibility
  • Specs: Custom AMD Zen 2 CPU, 1TB NVMe SSD, 16GB GDDR6 memory, 12 teraflop RDNA 2 GPU


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